Welcome to Ontario Wineries Reviews!

My wife, Rose, and I spend a lot of time in the Niagara wine region but have found that there is a lot of variability between the wineries.  Some we love and some, let’s say, we love less.  So, Rose and I will be uploading our reviews of the wineries of Ontario periodically.  We will be reviewing the winery experience rather than the wines themselves (although we will likely comment on the wine occasionally, especially when we find wines that we really enjoy).  Neither of us are wine experts but we know what makes our visits enjoyable and what doesn’t.  We hope that you find our reviews helpful!  Please remember that these reviews are subjective and you may enjoy different things than we do.  Once I figure out WordPress a little better, I hope to allow comments on the reviews.  Thanks for visiting our page!

Quick ratings guide:

We rate most areas on a simple 1 to 5 with 5 being best – designated by stars on our rating grid.  For Wine prices, we take the average cost for a 750 ml bottle of wine and assign one $ sign for every 10 dollars of the average price, rounding up for 5 or more, e.g. an average of $14.50 would be “$” but an average of $15.25 would be “$$”.  If you are an icewine lover, please note that by excluding bottles less than 750 ml, we exclude icewine from our price ratings.  If feedback indicates that we need to include icewine, my feeling is that it will need to be a separate category.

P.S. I’ve added a winery list that includes the wineries that we’ve visited along with preliminary reviews.  I’ll try to be better about getting actual reviews with pics up soon!

Disclaimer: Rose and I are members of the Cellar 240 Wine Club at Two Sisters Vineyards.  We have had a great time (almost) every time we’ve visited and we enjoy all of their wines (except the icewine – but that’s us, not a commentary on the icewine).  In the interests of fairness, I’m posting this disclaimer as I know others that do not share our enthusiasm for this winery.